Sunday, September 29, 2013

Let big data help you find your true love

Today, almost 20% of all relationships start online, more than 40% of America’s single population use online dating services, and one popular dating website,, alone claims to be responsible for nearly 5% of marriages in the US.

So where does the success of online dating come from? 

Easy answer: the increasing use of big data helps online dating website to improve their matching results. Depending on the website, between 15 and up to 200 questions about personality, interests, education, likes and dislikes, etc. need to be answered to sign-up for their services.

After answering the questionnaires, the websites make billion of calculations for each new member by comparing their answers to the website’s existing members using extensive algorithms to provide new users with several matches. Even after the questionnaire is filled out; the matches are continuously refined based on changing preferences, user activity on the website, or feedback on proposed matches. By using these sophisticated calculations based on the big data about their members, online dating websites aim to propose the best matches to their members.

You’re alone at home at the moment? Let big data help you find your true love and try out online dating websites like or

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  1. in her TED-Talk, Amy Webb explains how she found her perfectly matching partner for life: "How i hacked online dating" |||||||| by the way: further algorithms are listed in .... and there is always plenty of complexity thus the mathematical description of human behaviour must fail . exemplified in a sciencefiction novel by miriam meckel