Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What is Big Data again?

Big Data is defined – literally – as large amounts of data that companies worldwide are gathering today. It is ubiquitous, prevalent in every industry, every sector and there is a world of technology that has been created to simplify all of this data in order to create value for the users.

But if all of this is just data, what is all the hype about it for, and why is this relevant to your life?

Imagine you walk into a coffee place that you visit frequently. However, unlike before, you walk in and a pretty blonde waitress greets you with your first name, immediately seats you at your favourite location (right by the window that looks onto a beautiful street), which happens to be empty. While you are still blinking and wondering how she knows your preferences so well, she surprises you yet again and asks you if you would like your favourite Irish nut coffee with whipped cream, exactly the way you always have it!

No, this is not a scene straight out of a movie.
This is exactly what Big Data has set out to do.

Did you know that 12 terabytes of tweets created each day are turned into improved product sentiment analysis? 
And that the best video games are produced after analyzing over 500GB of structured data and 4TB of operational logs daily?

Big Data has become an exciting scene in the world of technology.
It is about utilizing a world of information in the simplest manner to add to the user experience.
It is about speed; making processes efficient, especially for real-time applications. Think stock markets.
It is about innovation – adding variety and creativity to existing processes. Remember Google glasses?

And last but not least, Big Data is for YOU, it is for the future leaders, managers and CEOs of today. Big Data will give you the ability to make decisions quickly, rationally and the power to generate unique solutions for the rapidly changing global scenario.

Big Data is about adding value. Stay tuned in to our blog to find out how.

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