Monday, September 16, 2013

Harnessing GPS data from 3.3M cars in Japan, Toyota sets to change the face of traffic management

Imagine if we could capture all the data on cars' movements, location and speed. Well this is exactly what Toyota has come up with, in there latest system Big Data Traffic Information Service.Toyota is taking advantage of big data by using a Digital Communication Module (DCM), this tool constantly monitors and transmits real time data to Toyota for scrupulous data mining. This data has been harvested from 3.3 million of integrated telecommunication and informatics users in Japan and 700,000 Toyota customers that are equipped. The system can provide users with helpful information such as routes, evacuation routes, the possible heights of tsunamis in case if one strikes, etc.

Having a car connected into a cloud system is relatively new in the market but is quickly moving from concept to reality, it promises safer roads and other benefits. Big data could potentially give the following benefits to the car users in a near future:

  • If customers are willing to share their driving habits, more cloud connectivity could offer GPS updates tailored depending on which ones are the driving habits of the drivers.
  • A human-auto interaction will lead to work in progress, it could be achieved by having a better human machine point of interaction.
  • Cloud usage, would give the ability to store car data on the cloud in order to digitalize the business process. Maintenance checks would be easier to perform due to the data gathering. Tackling a potential problem would be easier. 
  • A cloud connected information and entertainment system that personalizes your settings and automatically download content. 
  • Data mining of information, based on driving behavior will include information to help you navigate the last mile of your trips accurately. 

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